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Saltillo Fire Tile Gig
Southwwest Tile Fireplace Job for Doug and Lucia
Hello! I’m Frank Chavez and I have Over 25 Years of Experience Installing Floor Tile with Custom Designs and Beautiful Flooring Ideas.

I started doing Southwest Arizona tile installations in Phoenix homes and businesses as a young boy working with my father Tony Chavez (Tony Tile, Inc).

Over the years, I’ve experienced just about every type of Saltillo tile design someone could install. These tile jobs have been all over Arizona, and I was even flown to Seattle recently to install a special type of tile in a shower that kept leaking into the wall. Seattle has a lot of moisture so that took some figuring out.

Custom Design Tile Ideas & Specialties

My specialties are kitchens, bathrooms, bedrooms, patios, driveways, and fireplaces…
….but heck – just about anywhere you want tile, I can pretty much install it.
One of my favorite Southwest Arizona tile gigs is customizing a fireplace with an assortment of tile types (the picture above shows a fireplace tile job I did with a combination of Saltillo and Porcelain).
Frank Chavez did a great job on our SouthWestern Fireplace
and later helped us complete the tile work on our shower room.
His work is very professional. Doug & Lucia, West Valley

A Few Highlights of Tile Installations In Phoenix

Some of the more notable people who I’ve installed tile for are: Michael Cabajal (Gold plated shower tile), Tom Purcell on Camelback Mountain (kitchen floor and counters, bathroom floors, wash room all in ceramic). Mark Purcell (kitchen counters and floor, showers, hallways in Travertine and Tumble Stone). Anne Jackson (living room, kitchen and bedroom floors in Saltillo and Ceramic). As well as many more tile gigs around the valley.

Let Me Install Your Next Tile Project

Like the name Tile Gig suggests, I’m a tile installer looking for Arizona tile jobs (gigs) large or small.

My consultations are free, and I can bring my photo album filled with pictures from many of the AZ tile jobs I’ve completed over the years so you can see my work, or you can browse my sample work on TileGig. I can also provide references.

Frank Chavez – 602-499-8453

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Frank Chavez – 602-499-8453

Phoenix Tile Installer. Craftsman. 25 Years Experience. Southwest Flooring Ideas