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Saltillo Tile Fireplace

During this Phoenix tile installation for Doug and Lucia, I tiled around their fireplace with a combination of Saltillo and Porcelain Tiles to give this fireplace a southwestern look.

The trick to this Saltillo Tile Fireplace was getting the Saltillo Tiles to stay attached to the wall vertically while the grout dried, as well as making the tile cuts so I had an even amount of similar sized tiles around the fireplace opening. This really came out nice!

Saltillo Tile around fireplace - Phoenix tile installer
Southwest Saltillo Tile Fireplace

Call Frank for more custom tile fireplace ideas!

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How to Clean Grout On Tile Floors

Tile Cleaning In Phoenix:
  • Do you need help cleaning your bathroom tile grout?
  • Do you need help cleaning your kitchen tile grout?
  • Are you looking for someone to help clean your tile floors?
  • Do you need to have your tile cleaned and re-stained so they look new again?

Call Frank and let Tile Gig help you with all your tile needs if this cool tile cleaning video by Melissa isn’t enough.

How to Clean Grout Video by Melissa on CleanMySpace

Porcelain Den

During this Phoenix tile installation, I used 4″x4″ and 8″x8″ porcelain tiles to tile from the front entry to the rear den. These floor tile patterns took a lot of tile cutting.

Tile Gig (tile job) Porcelail - Phoenix tile installer
Porcelain Den Tile Idea

(c) TileGig

Call Frank is you need help with floor tile patterns!

Tumblestone Sink

In this Phoenix tile installation,  I used 4″x4″ Tumble Stone on a double sink counter, shower, and walls.

Tile Gig (tile job) Tumblestone - Phoenix tile installer
Tumblestone Sink Bathroom Idea

Call Frank for more tumblestone tile ideas!

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Saltillo Patio

During this Phoenix tile installation, I used 12″x12″ Saltillo tile on top of wonder board to tile a second floor patio balcony. Look at how nicely Saltillo Tile shines when properly sealed. Saltillo Tile is an Arizona Favorite and I have lots of experience and tile ideas installing Saltillo. Your choice: patios, dens, kitchens, bedrooms and fireplaces all look nice when tiled…

Tile Gig (tile job) Saltillo Tile - Phoenix tile installer
Salitillo Patio Idea

Call Frank for more Saltillo Tile, or as many call Mexican Tile, ideas!

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Slate Driveway

During this Phoenix tile installation, I used gauged slate to tile a complete driveway. This Phoenix tile job was a lot of backbreaking hard lifting but it turned out beautiful.

Tile Gig (tile job) Slate Driveway - tile installer in Phoenix
Fully Tiled Slate Driveway Idea

(c) TileGig

Call Frank for slate floor tile ideas!

Ceramic Kitchen

During this Phoenix tile installation, I used 4″x4″ and 10″x10″ ceramic tiles to tile a kitchen, living room and hall way. Multiple colors and custom cuts on many of the tiles.

Tile Gig (tile job) Ceramic Kitchen - Tile installer in Phoenix
Ceramic Kitchen Tile Idea

(c) TileGig

Call Frank for more kitchen tile backsplash ideas.

Ceramic Bathroom

During this bathroom tile job, I’ve used 4″ x 4″ ceramic tile to tile the shower and tub. I worked personally with the owner to lay out the shower tile in the color pattern of her choice.

Tile Gig (tile job) Ceramic Bathroom - Phoenix Tile idea
Ceramic Bathroom Tile Idea

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